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Streamline • Save • Succeed

Three tiers of services!

Save time, headache and money by outsourcing your administrative services. Participating in HRSSA lets you split the cost of back-office work with other centers—helping streamline your financial systems, staffing, operations, compliance and many other critical services. Now you'll have more time for the work you love: supporting children.


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Donate • Advocate • Innovate

With the help of donor partners and our community, HRSSA serves as a catalyst for stabilizing and expanding the child care opportunities for children and their families in Hampton Roads through a business model. Join us as an advocate and champion, creating a new business model for quality early childcare education.


Find Quality Child Care



Strict Standards  • Easy Access

HRSSA child care centers have met strenuous criteria to become part of our family. They're prepared to serve you and your family with quality education, safety and compliance protocols, high standards in staffing, and excellent communications and customer service to exceed your expectations. 


Join HRSSA: The solution for overworked child care directors

Ready to save time and increase profit?
Let HRSSA tackle the administrative details while you focus on the bigger picture! You’ll be amazed how HRSSA streamlines your operations.


Within months, child care shared-services programs are shown to increase financial sustainability, decrease staff turnover, and save hundreds of labor hours and tens of
thousands of dollars.

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Why should I join HRSSA?

Enjoy more support, less work, and newfound time to engage with families & teachers.

What are "shared services"?

It means the costs of administrative work, technology and other support services are spread out among many centers—giving you expert business tools and personnel unattainable within most child care business budgets.

Which services can I get?

It depends whether you join at Tier 1, 2 or 3Our scope includes:

  • Run payroll

  • Bill tuition

  • Handle past due payments

  • Process A/P & A/R

  • Post job announcements

  • Sort resumes & screen calls

  • Set up interviews

  • Run background checks

  • Check child files for compliance

How we're transforming the child care community

HRSSA introduces early education programs to a business model that pools resources and provides economies of scale.

Businesses save money while simultaneously implementing more efficient and effective administrative systems.

Program leaders are freed up to invest more time and resources into program quality and teacher training/retention.

Participating programs continuously improve their quality and sustainability

The community's child care opportunities  stabilize and expand, benefiting children and their families

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