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About Us

When early childhood businesses share, everyone wins.

Early childhood education businesses help parents thrive at work,
children thrive in school, and the economy thrive for an entire community.


But who helps these businesses thrive? That's where HRSSA comes in.


What's the problem?

Early education directors are often juggling classroom duties (which they love) and the administrative tasks required for a sustainable business. Most have strong teaching backgrounds but little training—or interest—in finance, human resources and other subjects critical to their business's viability. If their business fails, the entire community is impacted through greater deficits in available, quality child care.


What's the solution?

Hampton Roads Shared Services Alliance is the solution! As a community program of the Hampton Roads Chamber Foundation—a 501(c)3 nonprofit—HRSSA addresses the barriers early childhood education centers and home-based daycares face in improving their quality. HRSSA (pronounced "harissa") uses a collaborative approach to reducing administrative and program costs that can be reallocated toward enhancing quality experiences for children.

What makes our approach successful?

This centralized services approach promotes program effectiveness and efficiency and recognizes child care as a thriving business and profession that's vital to a healthy local economy. 

What does HRSSA do?

Hampton Roads Shared Services Network provides cooperative resources that strengthen the business model and enhance the overall quality of early care education programs in Hampton Roads, Virginia.

Why does it matter?

Quality early education programs help parents work and support a thriving economy (learn more). They also lead to children being prepared for school and having an opportunity for a good future. HRSSA is an initiative that responds to barriers impacting the needs of our community for quality early childhood education.

How does it succeed?

Serious, caring childcare owners want to focus on what they love—making a great environment for children and teachers. But to do this, they need a sustainable business model. That’s where we come in. From shared financial systems to staffing guidance, our member businesses are able to streamline, save and succeed!

HRSSA frees up child care centers to fully focus on quality curriculum and ongoing training of their personnel, exceeding state early learning standards

By increasing pedagogical leadership in these centers, we're ensuring the viability of quality child care as an essential business industry—which creates better lifelong outcomes for children.

Our partners have the research, expertise, and expansive resources to help child care centers to do what they do best. 

We both develop and expand child care programs, providing support in compliance and licensing.


How did HRSSA get started?

In 2012, Hampton Roads early education stakeholders began exploring how to develop best practices for the region’s 1,000+ child care providers. We learned that these businesses faced barriers not experienced by other traditional small businesses. In response, a collaboration of partners began to develop a well-vetted solution.

How are we structured today?

As of January 1, 2022, HRSSA is a nonprofit program of the Hampton Roads Chamber Foundation as a 501©3, helping to provide sustainability for the child care industry, which is critical to supporting our Hampton Roads workforce. The program continues to be managed by Early Education Business Consultants, headquartered in Virginia Beach and long-established in managing the day-to-day back-office administration and other services for child care centers and home-based programs. 

Who are the stakeholders in HRSSA?


  1. Child Care Providers
    Child care programs must have adequate financial resources in order to provide services that promote each child’s development and ability. With shared services, they not only save thousands of dollars in the operation of their businesses but have access to resources and expertise on a daily basis to make informed financial decisions.


  2. Children and Their Families
    We believe every child in Hampton Roads should get support for their well-being, growth, and preparedness for success in school. This goal requires a quality educational foundation during those critical first five years of life. All HRSSA Members have met strenuous criteria to become part of our family. They are prepared to serve children and their families with quality education, safety and compliance protocols, high standards in staffing, and excellent communications and customer service.


  3. Our Workforce
    We believe the region’s businesses benefit from high-quality early education for their employees and that each child should be prepared for starting school, continuing to succeed throughout their educational pathway, and eventually supporting our economy and workforce. By sharing resources, knowledge, and expertise, child care programs can build capacity in their caregiving, improve outcomes for young children and families, and benefit the community at large.

The big picture



HRSSA's mission is to provide cooperative resources that strengthen the business model and enhance the overall quality of early care education programs in Hampton Roads, Virginia.

  • Child care programs must have adequate financial resources in order to provide services that promote each child’s development and ability to be successful in school and in life. 

  • Child care is an essential contributor to our local economy.

  • Enhancing the business of child care benefits our community.

  • Being part of a supportive alliance enhances the economic success of all participants.



Our vision for HRSSA's early childhood education community:

  • Sustainable business model with adequate funding and resources 

  • Livable wages for ECE staff

  • Benefits: medical and retirement 

  • No child expulsions

  • Children ready to learn 

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