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HR & Marketing

Finding good staff is hard. Keeping them is even harder. We can help.

HR & Management

As an HRSSA member you will have access to a collaborative group who have experienced many of the same staffing issues you have. When you attend the Leadership program and participate online with the Facebook group, you will learn about the next steps you can take to assist with HR and Management.

  • Posting job announcements

  • Screening resumes

  • Setting up interviews

  • Providing phone screening

  • Preparing new employment paperwork/system entry


Staff Retention

You can use us as a sounding board for ideas to retain your highly regarded child care teachers and other personnel. And of course, you'll learn best practices in human resource management through our business training program, where we'll teach you how to go from managing to leading.


Child Care Marketing
Marketing Services: A leg up on filling open slots

Promoting your early child care program means first creating a strong brand. It a great first impression and lasting credibility to both potential candidates for your job opening and to families searching for a quality early childhood education. That credibility can increase the chance that current families and industry influencers will recommend and refer you.

When you sign on for more shared services, you will have access to professional marketing assistance to develop a well-designed, informative website (like this one!) and other communications. You'll also receive invaluable marketing through our LegUp Pilot. This centralized enrollment service gives you a link to your website and a centralized enrollment intake, including waitlist management.


As you know, licensing compliance for students and staff is extremely important, and it can be handled in a way that doesn’t leave you scrambling at the last minute of a deadline. We provide the assistance in managing these documents and technical assistance as needed to upload into our software system.

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