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Technology Integration & Metrics

HRSSA gives you access to the most technological advancements in the child care industry!

Technical Integration

If you're a little fearful of technology... don't be! We're here to make it easy. HRSSA brings tech upgrades and training to a new level in the child care industry. We streamline tuition invoicing and payments, enrollment processes, and immunization records, as well as other functions, through secure cloud-based technology.

Now that you have the technology, what can it do for you? (A lot!) Having certain metrics at your fingertips is critical in making savvy financial decisions, determining quality improvements, and maintaining compliance.


HRSSA’s cloud-based management system provides your business with the most important dashboard data:

  • Missed revenue (missed swipes/tuition gap)

  • Accounts receivables 

  • Enrollment/percent capacity/vacancy

  • Labor cost  (% of revenue)

  • Cost per child

  • Employee turnover

  • Organization climate survey

Child Care Management Software Support

Understanding software is important in reducing hassles, saving time and avoiding errors. HRSSA puts the "soft" in software—walking you through it step by step, right at your side. We'll train you how to use it, then continue offering support as you get more comfortable with the process.


In addition to equipment setup, software setup, and configuration, HRSSA will assist you with:

  • Periodic data transfer

  • Staff software onboarding (such as timeclock integration setup)

  • Family software onboarding (if applicable)

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