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Financial Management

We've found that the ability to manage and collect data on tuition payments and staff payroll is a key indicator of long-term child care business success.

Financial Management 

With shared services, you can have access to expert evaluation of your current processes.

Best of all, we take the tactical aspects of this work off your plate—alleviating costly time-gobblers including:

  • Tuition billing

  • Past-due payment collection

  • Financial reports

  • Enrollment administration 

  • Accounts Receivables processing

  • Payroll processing

Keeping You Informed

Would it be helpful to receive regular reporting and updates so you can stay aware of any trends or issues? HRSSA can provide you with:

  • Weekly Status Report for all business services including Accounts Receivable, Subsidy Swipes, Enrollment, and Staffing

  • Monthly Management Financial Reports

Alliance CORE: Your new administrative hub

By taking part in a shared services group like HRSSA,  expensive child care management technology becomes affordable. Included with HRSSA membership is our customized administrative hub using Early Learning Ventures’ Alliance CORE.

Alliance CORE streamlines each child care provider's administrative processes like enrollment, billing, record-keeping, licensing, and monitoring—which some centers are still doing on paper! By transitioning to current technology with live customer support, your administrative burden of running a child care business will ease. Our online Shared Resource Platform provides templates, forms, regulation guides and links to help you manage your businesses.

DSS Subsidy Assistance

If your child care program participates in the Virginia Child Care Subsidy Program, you've probably already experienced some of the time-consuming and learning curves required for compliance, reimbursement, and management. Your Alliance team has the experience and expertise to provide DSS Subsidy Reconciliation. 

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