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Key Reasons We Need Quality Child Care: PART 3

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

In the previous two articles, we discussed some recent studies and challenges that underscore the community's need to invest in quality child care. We examined the first two reasons: (1) High-quality early childhood programs move us toward greater economic equity, and (2) these programs help strengthen our current workforce. Today we're discussion a third:

Key Reason 3: Quality Early Education Programs Lead to a Prepared Future Workforce

Research has shown that children who participate in high-quality pre-kindergarten programs score higher on tests when they enter kindergarten than those who do not. Children from low- to moderate-income families who attend these programs are less likely to repeat a grade, and they often require fewer special education services.

As these children move on through middle school and high school, it becomes more obvious that offering prevention verses remediation is the best route. Youth who finish high school are more likely to be ready for college, other careers, and the military.

The future-workforce benefits of a quality education early are numerous. Multiple studies tie quality preschool to:

  • Higher levels of verbal, mathematical, and general intellectual achievement

  • Greater success at school and higher graduation rates

  • Better health outcomes

  • Less dependency on public assistance

  • Higher rate of employment and earnings

  • Lower crime rate

Understanding the real issues that Hampton Roads families are facing is an important step. Our child care centers really care about educating children. That’s why child care owners and directors are finding they need business services to help them succeed, retain child care workers, and increase their focus on education. We believe everyone--children, parents, and our workforce—benefit when there are more resources for high-quality early education.

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